Different breed of cats

Hey guys! Thanks for choosing to read this blog. I’m going to tell you about a few different breed of cat today! Obviously I can’t say them all, so I picked a few! Hope you enjoy.

The sphinx cat – We’ve all seen them, those very distinctive, hairless cats. They’re pretty unique in their looks. Bald and wrinkled, the Sphynx is said to be ugly, but you have to look past the skin! Open your mind to their beauty. The Sphinx breed are said to be very affectionate and loving with their humans, they love attention! They’re very good with strangers, children and other pets too. All in all a great cat for those who are different and need a cat to suit their style. To read more about the Sphinx breed, click here.


The Munchkin – The dwarf like appearance of the Munchkin breed is the result of a spontaneous natural mutation. They are very energetic and have great adaptability skills. They are highly intelligent and easy to groom. The only ‘downside’ I would say, is that because of their mutation you will have to buy toys suitable for their body i.e their little legs and paws. To read more about the Munchkin breed, click here.


Tabby – Tabby cats are said to have the personalities of dogs. I know what you’re thinking ‘dogs?! But they’re cats!?’ when I say this, I mean in the sense that they love to play, explore and follow you around like a puppy! They can even play fetch if taught! Tabby’s are also considered to be more intelligent than they’re fellow feline sisters. A Tabby cat isn’t a ‘breed’ as such, it’s more of a description of their pattern! To read more about Tabby cats, click here.


Ragdoll – These cats are one of my favourite, just because they’re so friggin’ fluffy! They’re pet and child friendly and very affectionate. But as you can imagine, with all that fur, comes all that shedding. Which makes them quite difficult to groom, you have to watch out for matting in the hair. Ragdoll’s grow to be quite big cats, some males weighing up to 20 pounds. To read more about Ragdoll’s click here.


Russian blue – These cats are one of my favourite breeds, the Russian Blue. Their stunning, plush double-coat of blue-grey colour, deep green eyes and tall ears are enough to make you fall in love, right? These cats tend to be quite shy, but they are definitely not boring! Just like any cat, they enjoy climbing, jumping, play with toys and even enjoy fetch! To read more about the Russian Blue click here.

russian blue

British Shorthair – look at their face.. they’re smiling! How could you not love these cats! They love attention, but are quite timid cats usually. But occasionally they do have strange outburst! They enjoy being around their human but they’re quite independent so you’re able to get out of the house without feeling guilty because they can entertain themselves, great news folks! They cat, dog and child friendly which makes them a great pet all round. To read more about the British Shorthair, click here.


I could go on and on.. but we would be here all day! If you would like to read up on all the different breed of fuzzy feline friends, click here to read about them. You’ll be suprised what you find & what you didn’t know about our fur babies.


Thanks for reading.




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